Cellphone under your skin

When I see the people walking on the street, talking with their cellphones I think … that is absurd, it is obsolete. We have the technology to make something diferent.
Imagine having a microchip implanted in your hand. The power … mmm you must think about it, but no keyboard, no screen, the speaker will be implanted in your ear. The microphone will be in the chip under your skin. Well just imagine this and you will see all the people talking with their hands.

I have more «crazy» ideas but, for the moment you can add your comment for this one.

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2 comments on “Cellphone under your skin
  1. AK dice:

    Fede, pls stop taking drugs.

    The future has to be about getting back to talk each other face to face, not to be walking on the street having a chat with the air.

    Un abrazo («a huge» sounds too «delicate»)

  2. c dice:

    mmm, too romantic vision… ak!
    fede reminds me aldous huxley book: Brave new world! i think it could happens…

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